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  • All 4 One Heating And Cooling

    All 4 One Heating & Cooling is available to handle all of your appliance, heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. Whether you need a routine maintenance check or an emergency repair on a heating or cooling unit, we are available to handle all of your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. Offering Furnace Repair, Furnace Replacement, Air Conditioner Repair, Air Conditioner Replacement, HVAC Repair and Installation, Plumbing, Boilers, Water Heaters, and Indoor Air Quality Products. We also offer appliance repair including refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, stoves, and dishwashers.

  • Tenney Pediatrics

    Tenney Pediatrics has served the Kansas City area since 1986. Our practice was founded with the goal of providing high quality, state of the art healthcare to our patients. We have incorporated cutting edge technology in order to better serve our community healthcare needs. We seek to reduce waiting times, improve healthcare efficiency, and provide the best care possible for your family, from newborn up to 21 years of age. Our Pediatricians and staff will help educate you on developmentally appropriate milestones, caring for your child during illness, and planning for healthy adult life.

  • Margaret’s Place

    Here at Margarets Place, our mission is to offers a clean, safe, secure and fun senior center that encourages activities, socialization, independence and enhanced community connectedness in an effort to prevent depression, decrease feelings of isolation and increase quality of life for mature adults. Our mission is to duplicate the caring atmosphere of your home in our establishment. We aim to make sure that our seniors have a wholesome and enjoyable day at Margaret’s Place every day. We promise that when you are at Margaret’ s Place you will feel right at home.

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